Gain Hands-on experience in Elixir & OTP

Write and evolve a highly concurrent Elixir application from prototype to a tested, fault-tolerant system.

What you will learn?

Setting up a new project

No steps skipped. The book goes step by step through creating the non-trivial Elixir application from scratch.

Orchestrating OTP processes

Starting with a single GenServer, adding supervision, additional features and supervision layers.

Working iteratively

Get something working in place, discuss the pros and cons and figure out how to improve it. Rinse & repeat

Writing functional code

Go deep into what functional is and where to draw a line between pragmatic and math noise.

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Highly recommended reading

The most practical source of knowledge about the OTP-related topics I've ever seen! I've enjoyed watching the course and then jumped into reading the book, and whoah! I fully recommend reading, watching and following Kamil's content! It's just amazing if you still have problems with GenServers, Supervisors, etc. - thanks to this book, you can fully understand the pragmatic, practical usage of these mechanisms, which you can face in the Elixir language. Another thing that is not obvious is that you can easily get HOW to model and develop a loosely coupled application from this book. That's a rare and so important thing.

Patryk Woziński


It will get you well on your way

I have been in the construction sector for over a decade and needed to move into a more suitable career as my children started growing up, I needed to be more available to them. I found an opportunity to move into programming, which has so many similar principles as construction. It was advantageous to me that I got my head around a high speed language for my job. That language was Elixir and as I learn best in a hands on application for my learning, I am so glad to have found Kamil’s book and YouTube videos which gave me clear instructions on how to go about this. Although I wasn’t actively trading, I was still able to write all the code and see it working thanks to his Binance mocking. If you are wanting to learn Elixir, I highly recommend going through his book as it will get you well on your way.


A Sneak Peek Into The Book

Just to give you a feel for what's there. Here's the very first chapter that goes all the way to establishing the WebSocket connection to receive a stream of the current prices.

  • Starting from scratch
  • Iteratively improve by introducing new OTP concepts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our readers' most commonly asked questions.

This book is dedicated to people with basic knowledge of Elixir & OTP that would like to see what creating non-trivial systems using them looks like.

The core chapters are finished, and the remaining additions will be bonus chapters that extend the concepts further.

Yes! You can read this book online for free.

The easiest way to support my book is to buy a PDF/EPUB copy via the Gumroad platform.

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Ready to gain hands-on experience in Elixir & OTP?

What's inside?

Taking you on an adventurous journey through Elixir & OTP

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Readers Testimonials

Who's Kamil Skowron

Kamil Skowron

A life-long learner of programming craftsmanship with a special place in his heart for functional programming.

With 10+ years of experience in engineering enterprise systems using various languages, starting with PHP, Node and Elixir. A true believer in learning by doing - hence this book!

Kamil Skowron